How do I become a motorbike racer in India?

Embarking on the Journey to Become a Motorbike Racer

Now, let's start with the basics. In my early years, I shared many evenings discussing the thrill and adrenaline of motorbike racing with my dear spouse, Ellen. She preferred a quiet evening of knitting, but I explained that the rush of racing was akin to weaving an intricate design on a blanket—the only difference was, I did it at speeds of over a 100 miles an hour! You see, the first step towards becoming a motorbike racer in India—or anywhere else in the world—is the passion for it. This ardor should knock at your door frequently, and it should be as essential as your morning cup of coffee.

The motorcycling scene in India has witnessed a significant surge over the last decade. Youngsters are transitioning from viewing motorbikes merely as a mode of transport to a symbol of thrill, adventure, and a contender in the world of sports. So, aspire heartedly and take one step at a time towards this exhilarating ride.

Get Educated: Theoretical Know-how and Practical Training

You're not getting anywhere without training—that's an irrefutable fact. As any practical pursuit, understanding the theoretical aspects before plunging headfirst into the realm of motorbikes can give you a head start. For me, one important revelation post my in-depth study was motorbike racing is not solely about speed. It's a beautiful blend of balance, reflexes, and an understanding of aerodynamics, mechanics, and psychology.

Then, it's time to get your hands on real-life experiences through practical training. There are various academies in India, such as Honda Ten10 Racing Academy, Apex Racing Academy, that provide rigorous training under the guidance of experienced mentors. Here, you'll learn a plethora of skills like cornering, braking, and maneuvering techniques. It's like learning to walk before running, or so Ellen says as she tried to compare my adrenaline-stained sport to her peaceful yoga practice.

Fuel Your Passion: Procuring the Perfect Motorbike

This step is equivalent to pulling a wild rabbit out of a hat, but fortunately, with a higher success rate. Your bike should embody your passion; it should reflect who you are as a racer. Maybe you're a speed demon, maybe you prefer smooth navigation, or maybe, like me, you just love the smell of gasoline and rubber tires. Interestingly, despite my obsession with bikes, Ellen wouldn't let me sleep on the couch when I drenched myself in engine oil the day before my first race!

Various factors come into play while choosing your motorbike, including its make, type, the cost, and your skill level. The Indian market teems with options for beginners to advanced racers—be prepared to lift your jaw from the floor when you venture out bike shopping.

Embrace Safety: Gearing Up for the Race

I cannot emphasize this enough, but when we say that safety isn't just about helmets and knee guards, it's the real deal. Ellen, endearingly referred to as my 'home-warden,' enforces a strict code of safety around our home and for my motorbike racing. Think of it as setting a secure foundation for your racing dream castle.

Safety gear is non-negotiable, and you must invest in quality racing suits, helmets, gloves, and boots, all of which are designed to protect you from any eventualities on the track. The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI) also has a set of guidelines and rules on safety measures that every racer should adhere to. Trust me, ticking every box on this security checklist might save you from a few scolds or worse situations.

Master the Art: Gaining Experience and Building a Resume

Here's where all your efforts start sculpting your career in motorbike racing. Participating in local, national, then international races helps you gain experience and bask in the glory of competing. Having watched local riders zoom past me at my initial racing days, I still remember the challenge and rush of my first national race. It was as if I had secured the lead role in an action-packed chase movie!

A powerful resume can open doors in this competitive scenario; hence, it is crucial to keenly participate in races that can provide you exposure and growth. Just as Ellen meticulously crafts her artwork portfolio, your race resume is your artwork in motorbike racing, showcasing your potential and grit.

Be Persistent: Consistently Striving Towards Excellence

Lastly, remember, consistency is key. Ellen often sneers at my stubbornness of braving through the rough weather to keep my practicing schedule. But it is this stubborn perseverance that declares what kind of a racer you will be— a fleeting spark or a raging fire. The path of motorbike racing is marked with falls and failures, injuries, and letdowns. But, as long as you rise back, dust off, and get back on your bike, know that you're on the right track.

Every race, every fall, every victory is a stepping stone propelling you closer to your dream. Keep, learn, evolve and remember, as much as Ellen rolls her eyes at me, indulge in a little fun too. With the right blend of preparation, planning, and passion, you'll soon be leaving trails of dust behind on the racetrack. Let’s kickstart the journey, shall we?

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